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If you want to know what is dear to our hearts, you have come to the right place.  Below you will find our blog posts organized by topic.

Missional Living

Read our blog posts about missional living in our hometowns.


Read our blog posts about Christian missions around the world.


Read posts on geography. Search beginner geography lessons.

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Why the name Geography On A Mission?

We began studying geography as a family 4 years ago – focusing on the continent of Africa.  We studied many aspects of the continent, but we built on the framework of David Livingstone’s life as a missionary.  We enjoyed reading missionary biographies, but during this study I began to see our study of geography as a tool to grow our knowledge of missionary history, and hopefully a strong burden for Christian missions.  That is how the name Geography On A Mission developed.

I do admit that Missions is our primary focus, but the teaching of the subject of geography definitely spurred on the idea and focus of our blog. I hope that as your read our posts, you will come to enjoy the great world God has created, and that you will get more involved in Christian missions – in whatever way God is directing you!